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"Greg La Rex"

Artist: Bill, Roby, David Bowen

Donald Clinton Ralston, Jr. P.E. "Clint"

For the past 10 years, I have partnered with Clint on projects which have required both Mechanical and Electrical engineering services.  On most of these projects, we are equal partners on an A/E team assembled by the architect.

Clint came to the Grand Valley nearly 20 years ago to work with me at Grand Valley Consulting Engineers.  He eventually became one of my partners, and after that company was purchased, he left and formed Ralston Mechanical Consulting, L.L.C.  Having known and worked with Clint for the better part of the last 20 years we have developed an understanding of each other's engineering style, and function well together in a coordinated manner.  I believe this close association over the years has made both of us better engineers.

Clint’s goal on every project is to work cooperatively with his client and the owner to design mechanical and plumbing systems that meet the owner’s and client's needs.  Clint recognizes that two very important parts of meeting these needs is finding the middle ground where mechanical systems type and the owner’s budget meet, and in the integration of the mechanical systems with the architectural characteristics of the project.

A complete resume including Clint's employment history, professional registrations, education and project experience can be found in the 'engineering downloads' section of this website.

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