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Software Philosophy:

We believe that engineering software should be intuitive, easy to use, flexible, and designed in a manner that limits errors.  Because we are primarily an engineering company, the software we produce is geared toward efficiency in the production of contract documents.  Also, because we are engineers, our software must be flexible enough to easily allow us to change both individual circuit breaker panels as well as the interconnections of those panels.  Finally, because engineers don’t like to type and we really don’t like to make mistakes, we have made extensive use of pull-down menus, lists, and check boxes in our software.

All calculations and configurations are automatically saved, and all automatic sizing may be overridden by the engineer.  In fact, every time a circuit breaker panel is loaded in memory, the system automatically determines how each of the panels is interconnected, reloads equipment and panels whose loads have changed, and reflect those changes throughout the distribution system.  This also may be overridden by the engineer.   Panel feeders and equipment branch circuits can be changed manually then locked by the user.

Code for an AutoCad button that will enable automatic updating of ‘dxf’ schedule files with a single button click is provided.

Finally, the schedules that are generated have been purposely been configured to optimize space usage in a ‘D’ size sheet.  3 panel schedules or one equipment and one panel schedule fit perfectly in a single row on a ‘D’ size sheet.

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