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"White Deer of Autumn"

Artist: Denny Haskew

Karen Theobold

Karen came to work for me in the early 1980’s with a drafting school certificate, a little drawing experience, a calm intelligence, and a strong desire to learn and work.   We picked up computer aided design together experiencing the heartache of clogged plotter pens, interminable drawing regens and floppy disk back-up failures.   She was a willing partner (read guinea pig) whenever I needed someone to test new software, and complained the least of them all.   After 30 years of working together on literally thousands of projects, she is an excellent designer of lighting and power distribution systems, and can operate AutoCad faster and with less effort than anyone I have seen.   I am greateful that she is one of several highly skilled electrical designers available to me when my work load requires staffing up.  

*  *  *

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

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