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Engineering Philosophy Continued:

Under the “less is safer” philosophy, design fees can be lower but the contractor is in control and often times even he isn’t sure what the final product will look like.   Under the “more is better” philosophy, the design fees can be a little higher, but the construction phase generally is smoother and the final product more controllable.

Under OUR “more is better” philosophy, we try to minimize the additional design fee through the use of data base programs to generate lighting fixture and wiring device schedules, and object oriented software to generate panel and equipment schedules.   We have also developed a method of showing circuiting and switching using “room keys” and “device tags” without showing conduit.   In general, the “room key” defines all of the devices in a given room.   Exceptions are handled using “device tags”.   Examples of each are shown on this web page.   This approach makes the inevitable design changes much easier and less costly.

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"Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

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