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UMass Harbor Campus


UMass Harbor Campus


CMC Glenwood Dormitory

Educational Facilities:

Educational facilities are among the more gratifying project types to work on.  Because these buildings are owned by a single entity throughout their lifetimes, emphasis is placed on life cycle cost rather than simple first cost.  Any improvement in energy efficiency or maintainability will be implemented so long as the payback time is reasonable.  Along with the gratification however, comes the challenge of the budget.  School districts are always strapped for cash, and the real challenge comes in designing durable, energy efficient electrical systems that are easily maintainable on a tight budget.

Engineers are often criticized as being ‘book’ smart, but because most have never actually tried to build what they design, lacking in hands on experience. I was lucky early in my engineering career – one of my first assignments, and one that lasted 5 years, was that of an electrical field engineer. The company I was working for at the time, C. T. Main, had a major contract with the University of Massachusetts to design the infrastructure for their new Harbor Campus. C. T. Main’s electrical design responsibilities included, incoming electrical service and power distribution to the initial 8 buildings at 13,800 volts, incoming telephone service, and a telephone raceway system to the initial 8 buildings, the total design of a pump house whose function was to reject waste heat into the ocean, the total design of a utility building whose function was to house chillers which provided cooling to the entire campus, a central computer monitoring and control system for building service equipment, and campus wide exterior lighting.  As the only full time

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