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Devices Program Purpose:

This program was written to automate the creation of wiring device and other equipment schedules used on electrical drawings as a part of the design of a building.  It allows the user to rapidly assemble customized schedules from previously defined device templates.  Each device template is a discrete object file that only needs to be told the name of the schedule it should associate itself with.  The software provides the structure to create new objects from existing similar objects, store them, and generate alphabetized DXF device schedules which can be inserted into AutoCad drawings.  In addition to the device schedule, the software provides a structure to write, edit and store general notes and include them in device equipment schedules.

The 'Standard' version of this program is provided with over 70 device templates for receptacles, light switches, occupancy sensors, floor boxes, dimmers, multi-port signal outlets and safety switches.  The schedule on the next page was created from a few of these device templates and exported to an AutoCad drawing in less than 2 minutes.  The advantage of this system is that changes can be made to the equipment schedule at any time, alphabetized and exported to the drawing with very little effort.

In our office, we have a 'Schedules' subdirectory in each of our project directories containing all of these device templates, as well as predefined schedules for decora and oval/toggle wiring device schedules. When the time is right, the designer decides which schedule to use, edits out devices and notes not needed on the project, and changes device colors and cover materials as necessary.

This is a windows based program written and compiled using Microsoft’s Visual Studio.  Each device is simulated and stored as an individual object.  As a windows application, screens are loosely connected, and the program direction is controlled by the user.

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