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Artist: James Haire


Staff Work Space


"Greg La Rex"

Artist: Bill, Roby, David Bowen

GVES - The Company Continued:

We back up using 25 GB blueray DVD's.  Progress and design team coordination prints are produced in-house using our networked HP Design-jet 800 ink-jet plotter.

On the engineering side, we have two licenses for AutoCad 2013.  Project specifications are produced using MasterSpec.  Panelboard, and mechanical equipment schedules are produced using our 'Loads' program.  Lighting fixture and wiring device schedules are produced using other in-house developed software.  Point-to-point lighting analysis is done using Lithonia’s Visual program.  Short circuit analysis is done using Bussman’s short circuit program.  Breaker coordination is done using Siemens graphical breaker coordination program, and cost estimating is done using Means CostWorks 2012.

On the software development side, we are writing in Visual C++ and Visual Basic using Microsoft's Visual Studio developement environment, and AutoCad's AutoLisp program extension.  Where relational database applications are appropriate, we use Microsoft's Access application.  This website was written using Microsoft's Expression Web 4, and Adobe's Photoshop CS3 graphics application.

Recently I have reconfigured my offices, setting up 3 work areas. Each with dual wall mounted monitors, a 34" deep by 27" high counter with space for drawings in front of the monitors and lots of knee room.

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"When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour.  That's relativity. " - Albert Einstein

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